Hello Sun!

coroplast-solar-pool-heaterGREAT NEWS! our coroplast solar heater is now efficient enough to heat your pool, but also your house and shower water. More info.

We are creating the first open source DIY solar pool heater made of low cost coroplast sheets.

And it works! For less than 10$ per square meter we collect more than 500W of solar power (sunny day with 1000W/sqm solar light).

1 sqm = 10$ = 500W

Coropool is:

  • DIY, made from easy to find and low cost material
  • Powerfull, efficiency is more than 50% (mesured with our Rpi controler)
  • Durable, no glue, no leaks, just polypropylene

We are now working on a Raspberry Pi diy low cost controler:

  • Display power in real time, and record all parameters
  • Automatic On/Off for better pool heating

Stay tuned, use newsletter or like our facebook page!

Questions? use comments or ask on our page


2 thoughts on “Hello Sun!

    1. Yes! we are working on a simple how to guide, and testing our prototype in real situation with high level sun power. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more details.


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